Hi I’m Allyx,

My babysitting experience started very young looking after family and extended family then slowly grew to family friends and church friends. I’ve been a leader in kids programs for almost 10 years but the last 4, I have been a key leader and running programs and ministries (2yrs-18yrs).

Although I have limited amount of babysitting experience as such, I looked  after 3 girls for 8 days while the parents were on holiday. The last house I lived in was with my friend in Tauranga who had 2 week old twins and was constantly helping and looking after them, even a few nights.

So I feel pretty comfortable with children of any age. I have also looked after children that need a bit of help who have trouble with trauma, autism, anger and behavioral problems and feel like I have a high tolerance in these areas and am not easily overwhelmed. Within all that there has been housekeeping tasks which I have completed throughout.

I look forward to meeting you!