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Margaret Rohs

I have been babysitting since age 13 and have worked at Forest School and Nature School for four
years. I have gained knowledge and learned how to develop relationships with the kids. This creates
trust, respect, and friendship. I learn the kids’ interests and expand from there! I have been taught to
let the kids make mistakes (unless it harms them/others/or the environment), and then we talk
about how to fix the problem and move on. We have to encourage kids to make mistakes so they can
learn. We also need to let the kids speak up about their emotions. They have the right to express
their emotion; however, they can’t act on them if it harms themselves or others. We can talk about
different methods that will help them regulate their emotions. On top of all of this, I enjoy playing
soccer, rock climbing, skiing, and discovering the flora/fauna. I can relate to children on many
different levels.
I am also very helpful around the house. I can help clean and organize whatever is needed.
My skills are time management, detail-oriented, positive-energy, teamwork/team member,
dependable, loving, caring, and a hard worker. I also enjoy playing soccer, swimming, rock climbing,
skiing, kayaking, and camping.