My name is Ally, I am a responsible, reliable and mature young woman who is a fast learner and passionate worker. I have a fun, bubbly, and imaginative personality and find myself happiest working with children. I feel very passionate about early childhood development and helping children gain the most within a positive, fun, and supportive environment.

In addition, I have practical skills beneficial to work in childcare. These include great cooking skills, being organised, I have my own car and full license with no endorsements, am comfortable with pets, am imaginative, creative, and a multitasker.

My final closure project for High School was a capstone project called “Greenstone” where I could choose anything that I felt passionate about and study it deeply for a full year. I felt a calling towards childhood, motherhood, and pregnancy. I connected with many mothers within my community to research the connection between parent and child. During this period, I spent a lot of time with infants, toddlers, and young children.

I would also run a pottery class for children aged 4-14, where I managed up to 20 kids at a time guiding them in the way of ceramics but mostly the class was a free flow, allowing the kids to go at their own pace, express themselves, and discover the joy of ceramics while developing their fine motor skills. Creative freedom was always fully expected and admired! Over this time, I deepened my love for working with children and especially using visual arts to help them explore and connect with their own feelings, aspirations, and thoughts.

I look forward to meeting your family.