1What is Project Nanny?
Project Nanny is a Babysitting and Nanny Placement service that provides parents with exceptional childcare. We have an experienced team of sitters and nannies available to the Dunedin, Wanaka and Queenstown region. We have a straightforward, simple booking form on our website that allows parents to request either a Babysitter or Nanny Placement.
2What are our Fees?
Our Babysitting and nanny fees start from $28.00 per hour + $15.00 booking fee. There is a temporary placement fee of $350.00 or permanent placement fee of $500.00 with all successful Nanny placements.
3Why are our Nannies and Babysitters so highly regarded?
To work in our Project Nanny team the Babysitters and Nannies have to be experienced in childcare and go through a rigorous screening process which includes police check, interview and reference check. Their main priority is to provide a safe and caring environment for children.
4What happens if my sitter cancels?
In the event that this happens we will try our best to find a replacement sitter. Our sitters have to give at least 48 hours notice if they are unable to make the job. If the sitter cancels we will refund you the total amount of hours booked minus the booking fee.
5How do I pay my Babysitter?
Our booking system allows clients to pay for the entire duration of hours required upfront when they initially book. If the babysitter is to work over the orginal hours booked, a credit card deduction will be made the next day. This makes our payment system straightforward and easy for both clients and babysitters.
6What if I need to change or cancel my booking?
If a client cancels 48 hours before the start time of the booking there will be no charge. This will be fully refunded onto the credit card minus the booking fee. If a client cancels less than 48 hours before the start time of the booking there is a fee of $50.00 This will be automatically debited from their credit card. Within 60 minutes of the booking start, you will not be able to make changes or cancel. If you need to cancel at this point, please inform your sitter not to come by phone call. You will be charged for the total hours booked. Changes to your booking will need to be accepted by the Babysitter. If you make a change and the Babysitter declines it, this will be treated as a cancellation and the cancellation policy will apply.
7I really liked my Babysitter can I request them again?
Yes, we will try our best to get the same sitter for you if they are available at the time of booking. It is important you go through Project Nanny to request the sitter again to abide by our terms and conditions.
8What if my Nanny placement isn’t working out?
If you are not satisfied with the Nanny within 14 calendar days of placement you will receive a full refund of the Nanny Placement fee. We will try our best to get a great match for your family, however if the Nanny has been working for more than 14 Calendar days and you are unsatisfied there will be no refund given.