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Can anyone apply to be a babysitter or Nanny through Project Nanny?

We don’t allow just anyone on to our team. To become a babysitter or Nanny with us you must have plenty of childcare experience, be over 20 years old, supply references, have a full drivers licence, have a reliable warranted/registered vehicle, a current first aid certificate and pass a police check.

How can we ensure you are kept safe?

When a client books with Project Nanny we check every detail necessary to make sure you are going to be in a safe environment whilst in the family home. If we have any concerns about the family, we will not allow the family to book through Project Nanny. We also need to make sure that the babysitter follows our health and safety guidelines if they feel unsafe in any situation.

Can I work for other families outside of Project Nanny?

If you have met families outside of Project Nanny then you can continue to work privately with them however, if you have met a family through Project Nanny and they ask you to babysit for them privately, you will need to tell them to book directly through the Project Nanny website. Anyone that does not abide by our terms and conditions will be denied any future bookings with Project Nanny.

How much work will I receive through Project Nanny?

Our bookings vary widely between seasons and events. Summer and Winter will generally bring the most bookings however, this all depends on your own schedule and how much work you are willing to pick up. We offer a permanent Nanny service as well so this could mean you have a family all year round.  You can work permanently for more than one family as well as picking up extra babysitting when possible.

If I have a valid Police check already, do I need one from Project Nanny as well?

Yes, we require a new Police check for every member that has been accepted onto our team. This will need to be updated every two years with us. Safety for both our families and sitters is important so we require any new team member that will engaging in work with us be safety checked. This gives Project Nanny and the families piece of mind that their children are in safe hands.

When will I get paid and how much will I get paid?

The pay schedule runs from Monday to Sunday with pay day being weekly on a Wednesday. This is for both casual babysitting jobs and permanent nanny positions. The rates start from $27.00 per hour for casual babysitting and permanent nanny roles.