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I’m Olivia, a third year Law and Commerce student at the University of Canterbury. I grew up in rural
Ashburton on a farm with my parent’s and two younger sisters. I enjoy playing and umpiring netball
during the winter as well as; reading, going on walks, hanging out with my friends and catching up with
my family. I am an organised individual who likes to be busy. I am very chatty, outgoing and empathetic.
I nannied for my first family consistently throughout 2020 and 2021. Before this, I babysat for them whenever they needed and I was available. I have watched the boys grow up which has been an incredibly fulfilling experience for me and I appreciate the family for giving me that opportunity to connect with their boys. Now whenever I am at home, I make sure to let the family know if they need any help with anything.
I have also babysat for my second family since I was 15. This involved many nights and days
over summer’s which we spent with the family in Twizel. I loved being able to take care of
them, play with them, be able to put them to bed and console them when they were sad. They gave
me experience that I could not have gained anywhere else and would not have wanted to get from
anyone else.