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My name is Merilyn, I’m 24 from Brazil. I moved to New Zealand because I got a work visa and I wanted to experience a different culture. I am a student but my entire course is online so I have a lot of availability and I can do casual sits or have a proper part time job. For the right family I can also consider full time. I am very artistic and I love painting, singing, customizing my own clothes, make ups, etc… I have a little brother 13 years younger than me so when he was born I helped my mom a lot. I come from Brazil and it is cultural that older siblings help at home when they are teenagers. I always enjoyed doing household chores or entertaining my little brother, taking him for walks, teaching him and seeing his development each day. I started babysitting for families in my neighbourhood when I was 15 and realized I got along well with any child. I became a proper registered nanny when I was 20 and all my jobs were long term – they only came to an end because I decided to go to the UK to learn English so I had to leave the families I was working for but we are still in touch. I spent one year as an au pair in London whilst studying English and it was the best experience of my life so far.