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Kia ora, my name is Jessica Downward. I was born and raised in Christchurch and I am a law and science
graduate from the University of Otago. I finished my studies at the University of Western Australia in
June last year and have been travelling overseas ever since. I have been spending the last six months
travelling and working in Canada and will be moving back home to New Zealand at the end of May. I
have been working as a full-time childcare assistant and casual babysitter at Panorama Ski Resort since
December and have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this role.
During my time at the daycare, I learned about child development and behavior management
techniques. I have identified how to create age-appropriate activities that stimulate children’s
cognitive, social, and emotional growth. My experience has also taught me the importance of clear
communication with both children and parents, ensuring that everyone is informed and involved in the
child’s care and development.
One of my strongest attributes is my ability to form positive and trusting relationships with children. I
am patient, compassionate, and attentive, always putting the needs of the child first. I understand the
importance of consistency and routine in a child’s life and strive to provide a structured yet flexible
approach to caregiving.
In addition to my professional experience, I believe I possess a natural affinity for working with
children. I am creative, imaginative, and love coming up with new and exciting ways to engage children
in learning and play. I also have a strong sense of responsibility and take the safety and well-being of
the children under my care very seriously.
I hope to continue honing my skills in creating safe, nurturing, and engaging environments for children
of all ages by working with more families in the future.